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Granite Diamond saw blades
General Purpose, Block, Concrete, Brick.
“short-tooth”Diamond saw blades
used for cutting granite, sandstone, quartz, ect.
Multi blade Diamond segments
cutting for granite block, marble block,sandstone block etc.
Granite Diamond Segments
This products is widely used for different size blade: 350mm-3500mm with different shape and structure for granite cutting.
Basalt Diamond segments
cutting for soft ,medium and hard basalt etc.
Sandstone Diamond Segments
cutting for sandstone etc.
Marble diamond segments
cutting for marble,travertine etc.
“w-tooth”Diamond saw blades
“w-tooth”Diamond cutting saw blades is widely used for cutting granite.
Concrete Diamond saw blades
used for concrete cutting and road cutting.
cup diamond wheels
Usage: for grinding and sharpen marble, granite, concrete, tiles, masonry, stone, etc.
Flat diamond wheels
Application: Used for for trimming & rough grinding and shaping stone products,such as marble,granite.
Ceramic diamond saw blades
Used for cutting and grinding ceramic blocks and slabs with different hardness. These blade can be used on portable electric tools, manual cutting machines and automatic bridge cutting machines.